Unsettling Canadian Art History: A Graduate Student Observation & Discussion Board

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As part of the “Unsettling the Settler Artist, Reframing the Canadian Visual Arts” SSHRC research, graduate student team members occassionally blog about their work on the project. Our team invites new contributions from students who would like to examine selected online content from our SETTLER/ART/ARCHIVE. Contributors to this discussion board are asked to frame their posts by three key questions in their analysis of a specific image.

  • Who created this image?
  • Why do you think the artist created the image?
  • Who is the image for, and who do you think is excluded from its frame?

We are inspired by Wəlastəkokew Professor Andrea Bear Nicholas’s longstanding research on such settler art, published in her award-winning article, “The Role of Colonial Artists in the Dispossession and Displacement of the Maliseet, 1790s-1850s,” Journal of Canadian Studies 49, no. 2 (Spring 2015): 25-86: ttps:// We encourage contributors to the blog to read this piece prior to submission.


Thomas Davies. A North View of Fort Frederick Built by Order of the Honourable Colonel Robert Monckton, 1758. Watercolour, pen and black ink on laid paper, (37.7 x 53.6 cm). NGC no. 6269

On Davies’ Fort Frederick

By Leanna Thomas, Ph.D. candidate

University of New Brunswick

Tom Thomson. The Poacher, 1915. Oil on wood panel, (21.5 x 26.8 cm). AGO ID. 69193

On Thomson’s The Poacher

By Richard Yeomans, Ph.D. candidate

University of New Brunswick