ErinI am an Associate Professor in the Department of History at the University of New Brunswick. I earned my Ph.D. and M.A. in Visual and Material Culture Studies at Queen’s University at Kingston.

My work has explored the history of visual and material cultural production in the North American nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and now the twenty-first. In examining the intersections between objects of art and culture and the reproduction of socio-economic hierarchies, my research is concerned with issues of gender, sexuality, Indigeneity, racialization, and locality. I am interested in how art affects our perceptions of social belonging and the ways in which it helps to contest and articulate such oppositional understandings of culture as purposeful practice and unthoughtful habit.

I teach courses that use art and cultural practice as a launching pad to think about history as both an intellectual practice and a lived experience. These include: (undergraduate) HIST 1715 Looking at the Past; HIST 3736 Art for a Nation? Visual and Material Culture in Canada; HIST 4705 Art, Tourism, and Moderity; HIST 5702 Folk-Mass-Popular: Locating Culture in the Shadow of Capital; HIST 5725 The Art of Public History; (graduate) HIST 6725 Canada and the Making of Culture; and HIST 6925 The Philosophy and Writing of History.

I supervise graduate students working in the fields of twentieth- and twenty-first century cultural history and visual and material culture studies in North America.

I write about professional and personal issues surrounding academic life on my blog, Faculty Orientations.